Weldon House

Weldon House

Supportive Housing Program

Community Recycling Partnership

Weldon House is an innovative program that provides women and their children with their own fully furnished apartment to give them the life skills necessary to become self-sufficient and independent as well as to develop their family. Weldon House is staffed with counselors, career counselors, case managers, a life coach, and a parenting specialist to assist the women in developing these skills. In addition, Weldon House helps to provide peer support, job training, education, day care, transportation, eye exams and glasses, clothing, medications, and psychiatric evaluations. During a woman’s stay she also participates in NCADD’s Out Patient Program which consists of group, individual, and family counseling.

Weldon house was created to help women who faced barriers in leaving abusive relationships, sustaining recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism, obtaining adequate housing, and finding jobs that provided a livable wage. The program helps the women to learn the life and professional skills needed to overcome these challenges and improve their self esteem. The program works closely with the women to help them believe in themselves.

In order to provide the intimate interactions that are essential in creating a caring, supportive base for the families to heal and grow, NCADD has no more than 18 families at a time. This serves to create a healthy atmosphere for women and their children.


n 2002, The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence received a $100,000 from the Watson Family Trust to be used for housing for pregnant and parenting women. The funds remained in an investment/savings account until July of 2003. NCADD had a vision of what was needed for pregnant/parenting women to be able to become self-sufficient, but the previously approved housing programs did not allow for the model NCADD believed to work. In June of that year, The Arizona Department of Health Services and the state funding agency Value Options approached NCADD and requested we create just such a program. The $100,000 was then used for a down payment a six two-bedroom unit apartment complex and some of the renovations. Since then, Weldon House has grown to 18 units through it's lease of twelve neighboring units.

“Supporting women in building a healthy life for themselves and their children”