“To enhance the quality of life in our community by reducing alcohol and other drug related problems through education, advocacy and service programs”

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• Support women and their children through substance abuse treatment
• Educate the community on substance abuse
• Advocate for substance abuse funding
• Help reduce the stigma of addiction

Program History

NCADD has been serving the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix area since 1960. Originally NCADD provided family assessments and referred people to community based services. In 1986, the agency began using our expertise to provide direct treatment services to women in need. In 1999, began the development of a long-term outpatient program and built on the program by adding additional through education, advocacy and service programs.” To continue to meet the client needs, NCADD added a Nurse Practitioner to assess and serve client’s with mental illness issues, a volunteer Psychologist and Licensed Vocational Counselor. 

In 2003, Weldon House was opened, providing each family with a 2 bedroom apartment (a home) where they can learn to be a family and where children have the opportunity to live normal and stable lives.

In July 2007, NCADD opened Healthy Connections. The name was chosen to promote hope, not judgment. Healthy Connections is an intensive case management program that links pregnant substance abusing women to services and resources that will give them the foundation to deliver drug/alcohol free babies and establish a healthy lifestyle for their families and the community. May 1, 2011 was the addition of Legacy House, emergency housing for pregnant women with substance abuse.

January 2010 Sustain Work Adjustment Program became operational. Work adjustment programs typically in the past have been focused on assisting mentally and physically disabled to obtain the skills needed to enter the work force. NCADD’s work adjustment program utilizes best practices that are making a break through within the treatment of substance abuse.

All of NCADD’s programs focus on providing the tools and resources to assist the women in becoming financially self-sufficient and to believe in their potential to remain drug/alcohol free and life a quality life.


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The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Outpatient substance abuse treatment agency. NCADD offers the community a complete realm of services.

The well-trained, multidisciplinary NCADD staff pledges to carry this out by recognizing that the field of addiction research is ever changing. Our policy is to keep our activities up-to-date with current research and best practices.